10 Reasons Shoes Are Better than Men ...


We like to brag about them and we love how they make us look… We feel incredibly lucky when we finally find the right one and we just can’t wait to tell our friends about it. They have to look great, stability is important too… but what really determines how long we will keep them is their size and durability. We don’t mind the little pains but if they keep on hurting us and acting stubborn we will find a replacement! Men? Nope, you know what I’m talking about… Shoes! They do have a lot in common but, let’s just focus on differences for now and see where shoes beat men by 10 points. So, I give you my 10 suggestions:

1. You Can Pick the Size

You Can Pick the Size

Photo Credit: aussiegall

You can try on different sizes to find the one that fits. If you, however, make a mistake, your new shoes won’t feel bad if you replace them for bigger ones. Now, if replacements are not allowed you can always give them to your sister or a best friend and feel good knowing that you’ve just made one girl very happy.

You Can Have as Many as You Want
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