10 Pretty Pieces of Jewelry ...


I love jewelry. Love it! Silver is my metal of choice, along with white gold, but I like certain yellow gold pieces as well. It's just, I am a pale, pale girl, and yellow gold tends to make my skin look washed out. But anyway! ASOS is one of my favorite places to shop for jewelry, because it's pretty and affordable. So here are 10 pretty pieces of jewelry that I've totally fallen for!

1. Juicy Couture Cherry Heart Ring

Juicy Couture Cherry Heart Ring

Price: $74.13 at us.asos.com

Here is one gold piece I find absolutely gorgeous. Juicy Couture has some really nice pieces for such a trendy band, and this is one of them. I love those luscious little cherry hearts! The garnet shade is so delicious looking, you almost want to take a taste.

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