10 Mistakes when It Comes to Face


Taking care of your face is easy, right? We thought so. But there are 10 mistakes we might make that is not good for our face. Wanna check the list with us little quick?

Use facial mask more than three times a week
It is been said that you should use masks from time to time to improve your skin. But don't over do it. Depend on what kind of mask your are using, once or twice per week is all your need. As for some mask that is for cleaning purpose, you only need to use once a week or every another week.

Wash your face more than three times a day
If your face is oily type, you might wash your face a lot. Well, it is proved that wash your face too often is not going to solve your problem. It will take away the moisture indeed. So, only twice a day, morning and night is more than enough.

Use more than six different kind of skin care product or more
Simple is the key. All your need is some basic stuffs like: cleanser, toner, some lotion. Again, don't over do it. Your skin can't handle too much.

Ignore the details
Always pay attention to the details. In face, it is places you won't be able to cover by your hand when you put your hands on your chick that reveals your real skin age.

Skin care is not necessary
Wrong and wrong! There are so many things that is threatening your skin everyday. The AC in your office might create the dryness; the UVA and UVB on the beach might damage your skin... Your skin needs protection.

Skip lotion before makeup
Again, your face needs protection. A good lotion will do the job and help your foundation combines better with your skin.

Consider sun protection only in summer
Just because you can't feel sun burning your skin, doesn't mean it's not damaging your skin.

Share your skin care product with other family member
We've talked about this for many times now. Skin conditions are varied from people to people. Something works great for one person might not work for another. While your mom's wrinkle reducer works out great for her, it might cause you acne.

If it works for sensitive skin, it is safe for me
I use to think like that too. Well, it is true that sensitive product tend to be milder, but it might not clean your skin good enough though.

Only toner, no lotion
Some people have a bad impression: lotion makes my skin oily. It is not true. If you don't use lotion to lock down your moisture, your skin will soon lose it after you wash your face. Once your face is dry, it tricks your face to create more oil.

What's the correct way to take care of your skin?
Choose good amount skin care with good quality that works the best for you. Wash your face only twice a day; put lotion on after you done wash it; pay special attention to details; don't forget to use sun protection. Do facial mask no more than twice a week. There you have it, the 10 mistakes and the correct way to treatment you skin.
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