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Medical Spas - Not Always Making You More Beautiful

By Christina

Once again, I am behind. I have had this article for nearly a week, but didn’t want to let it go by if you all haven’t seen it. There are so many spas out there these days that are just plain ol not being run properly, and having procedures done improperly and not supervised by doctors. Be careful out there, and do your research before you go to one.

Laser treatments are so popular these days, they can remove age spots, sun spots, wrinkles and unwanted hair. I really have never given these things too much of a second thought - I thought they were pretty safe, and I guess they are for the most part, but if they are botched, they are really botched. Here are a couple pictures, the first one is of a botched sun spot removal, and the second one is a botched hair removal. Read the accompanying article at the ABC web site if you didn’t see the story on Good Morning America last week. And check out all the pictures. Yikes.

Have you had laser work done before? If so, I hope your results were better than this - tell us about it, if you have a minute.

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