Mabelle Sese

What Your Eyes Can Tell About You

What Your Eyes Can Tell About You

You may have heard the Yiddish proverb “The eyes are the mirror of the soul” a million times over, but their meaning holds eternally true.

I know, I know -my introduction sounds a little on the poetic side -but this is actually a light and fun look at what the shape, color and ‘look’ of your eyes actually say about you.

You may also use this guide to gauge the inner character of a prospective beau, by merely staring into those deep blue (or brown, green or black) eyes of his.

What the Color of My Eyes Say:

Deep Blue -This eye color means that the person is highly sexual -in a good way. Blue-eyed people are also gentle and sensitive. Meanwhile, those who have eyes with a lighter shade of blue like to enjoy flirting with the opposite sex.

Deep Green -Just like blonds with ocean-blue eyes, individuals with deep green eyes project a highly energized and inventive personality -both in practical and personal affairs. As opposed to the expression ‘green eyed with jealousy’ -this eye color means that the person is spontaneous, willful and highly intelligent.

Grey -Women with grey eyes are intelligent, with a refined yet fastidious streak. Their level of passion may not be as pronounced, but a rich imagination more than makes up for that.

Black -Raven-eyed individuals are strong-willed and living with them can be a bit on the tumultuous side, but still interesting.