8 Reasons You Should Spring Clean ...


Spring cleaning used to be a thing almost everybody did.

These days, the youth don't even know what it is, much less how to do it.

I believe it's very important to spring clean and I'll tell you why ...

here are 8 reasons you should spring clean...

1. Dust & Dirt Get in Crazy Places

Who would imagine that you could find a pile of dusty dirt under your bed?2

And yet, there it is, each and every year you spring clean.

It's important to get rid of as much of this as possible, because it isn't good on your heating and air unit to circulate a lot of dust, and your filter can't catch it all.

Plus, a lot of dirt is rather embarrassing, don't you think?

2. You Find Evidence

As nasty as those buggers are, rodents in the house don't mean that you're not a clean person.

Mice aren't picky about what kind of house they choose.

Some people can go a long time without even knowing they have mice in the house, and by this time, they have half-way taken over your basement or attic.

During spring cleaning, you're more likely to find their evidence behind furniture, in the back of cabinets you don't use much, or under large appliances.

Once you find their evidence, it's time to set the traps and get them gone!

3. Find Stuff You've Forgotten

It's amazing what you'll find stuffed deep under your bed or in your closet that you've totally forgotten about during the past year!

You may even find that gift you bought for little Johnny that you couldn't find in time to give him for Christmas.

Spring is the time to get it all out, go through it, and get rid of the excess!

Trust me!

When you can look under your bed and immediately find the pair of shoes you're wanting to wear on your special date (instead of searching for a half an hour and being late,) you'll be ever so thankful!

You Get Exercise Too!
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