7 Reasons for Animal Testing ...


Right ladies, today we are going to tackle the very sticky and controversial subject of animal testing.

Is it right that animals are kept in cages for the mere purpose of scientists to experiment on them?

Does it matter?

Is it a moral issue or a legal question?

Why is it necessary?

Here are 7 reasons for animal testing.

1. No Viable Alternative

Whilst there are some desperate people out there who would probably consent to be tested upon, there really is absolutely no alternative to animals.

Even with all the technological advances science has experienced, no computer can replicate the effect of drugs and chemical substances on the human body.

2. Cruelty

Of all the arguments against the reasons for animal testing, cruelty has to be the most quoted example.

Some people say how do we know that an animal is suffering, it can’t express pain.2

They are however, using animals as substitute humans and if something is likely to cause discomfort to a human then surely by inference it’s the same for the animal.

Just because a human can say "ouch, you’re hurting me" doesn’t make animal testing right.

However, I refer you back to point 1.

3. Morality

There are no morally justifiable reasons for animal testing.

It is a scientific necessity and it is scientifically sound.

4. Pain

Not all animal testing involves pain and suffering.

A lot of laboratory animals are used for behavioural experiments and research.

5. Effectiveness

Practically every medical advance made in the twentieth century is in part or wholly due to animal testing.

Seventy-one of the Nobel Prizes for Medicine in the last 103 years were awarded to scientists who used animals in their research.2

Our medicine cabinets, drugstores and hospital shelves would be very empty without animal testing and significant numbers of humans would have died without the cures and drugs that result from animal-based research.

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