8 Quirky Eyelash Extensions ...


False eyelashes are a great way to add extra volume and length to your existing lashes.

There are also a range of quirky and decorative false eyelashes on the market.

These are becoming more prominent as people choose to experiment and have fun with their beauty routines.

Take a look at the following quirky eyelash extensions.2

1. Paperself Paper Lashes – Broken Hearts under the Sea

Paperself Paper Lashes – Broken Hearts under the Sea

Price: $22.16 at asos.com

These quirky eyelash extensions feature an intricate fish, seahorse, and coral design.

These lashes are made from paper and come in one size.

They can be trimmed for a more accurate fit.

To apply, simply shape the band, line with lash adhesive, and apply just above the lash line.

The effect is one that is very avant garde.

2. Beauty is Life Feather Lashes

Beauty is Life Feather Lashes

Price: $30.00 at barneys.com

These feather false lashes will add a dramatic touch to your look.2

They consist of overlapping grey/black feathers.

They can be applied by using eyelash glue.

If you are attending a costume party or simply want to make a statement, then try these lashes on for size.

3. Forever21 Colourful Fake Lashes

Forever21 Colourful Fake Lashes

Price: $2.80 at forever21.com

Add a bit of colour to your eyelashes with this set of fake lashes.2

Lashes come in a bright blue colour and are a fun way to brighten up your facial features.

They will also add length and volume to your existing lashes.

Application directions are included for safe attachment.

4. Paperself Paper Lashes – under the Sea Individual Lashes

Paperself Paper Lashes – under the Sea Individual Lashes

Price: $18.47 at asos.com

These individual paper lashes feature cute seahorse, fish, and floral cutouts.

The creation method of these lashes are said to fuse traditional Chine cutting techniques with contemporary paper designs.

The results are clearly breathtaking.

You can apply these extensions at any point along your lash line but I personally think that at the ends is best.

Beauty is Life Bird Lashes
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