8 Signs of Sleep Deprivation ...


Sleep deprivation can be not only harmful to your body, but it can also create dangerous situations for you and others around you.

The 8 signs of sleep deprivation listed below are some of the more common ones I’ve seen and experienced.

The signs will vary for each person, which means you might not have noticed some of these signs before.

8. Word Recall is Much Slower

Word Recall is Much Slower

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Not being able to think of a word or remember what you just read is a sure sign of sleep deprivation.

This can make it difficult to successfully write down coherent notes, lists, and to think of what to say when speaking to someone.

I remember staying up late to write papers in college.

After I had finally gone to bed and gotten some much needed rest, my paper didn’t sound nearly as good as I thought it had the night before.

7. Memory Lapses Happen

Memory Lapses Happen

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This can be hazardous if you are driving when sleep deprivation hits hard.

It is much more severe than highway hypnosis, since it tends to last longer.

Not remember the reason you came into the room is another common form of memory lapse that can occur with sleep deprivation.

I have occasional episodes of this from time to time, but nothing as severe as when I’m deprived of much needed rest.

6. Hallucinations


Photo Credit: www.bazpics.com

I’ve never been so tired that I started hallucinating.

Thank goodness!

I’m not even sure what these hallucinations would entail if I were to have them.

Hallucinations associated with sleep deprivation are generally visual.

Supposedly auditory hallucinations aren’t connected with a lack of sleep.

It’s also important to note that hallucinations that go along with sleep deprivation are considered to be more of a visual misperception.

The most common one is thinking that you are seeing things move slightly.2

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