7 Tips for Losing Weight ...

"If only I could just lose 10 pounds I'd be happy". #Man, if I had a dollar for every time i've heard (or said!) that very statement! Most of us do have a few unwanted pounds to shed but we never seem to have the self-will to stick through our diets until we reach our goal. And hectic schedules seem to put us in a #time crunch and we end up grabbing a burger on the run. Here are 7 tips for helping you to lose those last few pounds!

1. Reward Yourself

Photo Credit: RoOoNa

Yes I'm serious! Set a goal of weight loss, and once you have achieved it, then reward yourself! Buy a new outfit or some new #makeup, or take yourself and a friend out for dinner. Do something FUN and something that will help keep you motivated and you will see that it is much easier to stick to your #weight loss plan and the pounds will keep melting off with your determination!