7 Sports That Shouldn't Be in the Olympics ...


We’ve all accidentally turned the channel over to the Olympics at one time or another and thought, “What are they doing?

Is this even a sport?” Some of the stuff that they have deemed worthy of Olympic medals and here are the most laughable of those choices.

7. Taekwondo

I don’t understand how this is a sport.

I guess some consider it an art, but to me it is just jumping around and doing Ninja Turtle stuff.

If doing that’s worthy of a medal, then the Olympic committee owes the 8-year old version of myself several.

6. Golf

Golf is not a sport;

it’s a hobby.

If out of shape old men can still compete and win then this needs to be taken off of the table.

I realize it takes a lot of skill to play this game, but the same can be said for Scrabble, but you don’t see anyone handing out medals for that, do you?

5. Fencing

Sword fighting in a beekeeper’s uniforms, do I even need to explain?


4. Equestrian

Ok, so the horse is in amazing shape and can do all kinds of impressive things.


If that’s the case how about opening it up to dogs that can fetch really well or maybe sneezing pandas.

They already have an Equestrian World Cup or something for horses, I think.

Let’s keep it that way.

3. Archery

Again, if you don’t have to be in shape to do it then it’s really not a sport.

This is another one that falls into the skill category.

Let them have their own award show.

2. Table Tennis

This is a joke.

Table tennis?

What’s next foosball?

Maybe beer pong?

Yes, that scene in Forrest Gump was pretty funny, but the funniest part is that they hand out real medals.2

Guys who break world records for running, swimming, and weight lifting who have trained their body’s for years are handed out the same medals are guys who are good at ping pong.

Weak sauce…

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