7 Reasons Bret Michaels Should Go Away ...


Are you guys aware that Bret Michaels has another train-wreck showing on VH1? I have a grudge against Poison that goes back fifteen years, to when I was 13, and that’s part of the reason I groan every time I see a preview. However, Bret himself is the main reason. There are a number of reasons I think he just needs to get off of my TV, but here are the top seven. Here are 7 reasons Bret Michaels should GO AWAY!

1. His Health

His Health

Photo Credit: Ryan O.

Come on! He’s had, what? A heart attack, a hemorrhage, a stroke, a pimple, a boil, a paper cut, all within the last couple of years. Go home! Go to bed! Take care of yourself! Seriously, no matter how I feel about the guy’s television persona, I’m sure he’s a great person. Regardless of that, he’s got children. Being at home may be the premise of his new show, but it’s not the same. Kick out the cameras, Bret, and hang out with your daughters.

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