7 Facts on Gangs ...


I am going to tell you right now, gangs are dangerous.

In no way, shape or form are they cool.

Yes, as you are reading this post, you may think that I am just an old woman trying to discourage the youth against something cool.

However, I am not an old woman – chances are, I am almost the same age as you.

I just think you guys and girls that are in school right now should not mistake gangs as being cool – because they are not.2

Sure, it may be cool to play Grand Theft Auto (I personally like the game along with Saints Row), but that does not mean I support gangs.

Watching gangs in movies is also something I like doing, but again, I do not support what they are doing – it’s just for entertainment purposes and it’s only good when it is not real.

Does this make sense?

Well, right now, I am going to give you 7 facts on gangs …

7. Graffiti

To gang members, marking their territorial boundaries with graffiti is a challenge or warning to the rival gang.

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