10 Reasons You Might Be Bloated and What to do ...


I hate being bloated.

Like its not bad enough suddenly looking pregnant, but itโ€™s really uncomfortable too!

There is usually a reason for the bloating, although I never really understood it till now.

This is one health lesson you too will hopefully understand as Iโ€™ve figured out why bloating occurs!2

Here are the top ten reasons, and what to do to stop the bloating.

1. PMS


Photo Credit: ~*Leah*~

If its close to your period, this could be why you are feeling bloated.

While there are more then 150 symptoms of PMS, this is one of the most common.

Itโ€™s normal for the hormones at this time of the month to cause your waist and chest to swell a little, which can lead to your trousers feeling a lot tighter then normal.

Unfortunately, there isnโ€™t much you can do about the swelling, so plan your wardrobe around this and invest in some gorgeous floaty materials.2

Salt Overload
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