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Yum's December Must Haves

By yumsugar

The holiday season has arrived and if your house is like mine, there's bound to be loads of cooking, baking and fun. Of course, this also means there's room for stress and freneticism; so to help you make it through December in one piece, I've rounded up a few holiday must haves.

• If you're planning on doing a lot of baking this season, invest in a three-tier cooling rack ($10.99). It will triple the amount of counter space and the grids securely hold even small items without letting them slip through the cracks.
• Brighten up your holiday baking with this Holiday-Red cookie sheet ($24.95). It also comes with a must have set of holiday-themed cookie cutters.

• If you're more of a candy maker than a cookie baker, then take a look at a reliable candy thermometer ($14.95). Make sure you get one that doesn't touch the bottom of the pan and has an accurate temperature reading.

• Make your guests smile with these 12 Days of Christmas appetizer plates ($98).

• Retire your traditional menorah and spruce up your festivities with Jonathan Adler's Skyline Menorah ($130).

• And finally, what house is complete without a miniature gingerbread house? Choose from a modern design ($77) or a more classic one. Or, surprise your family by creating your own and entering our gingerbread house challenge!

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