Back in Action!

So... I've been... not here lately. But for good reason! I PROMISE!!!

The reason why is because of this:

Surprised? Yeah! Me too! We had this confirmed last Saturday and we are actually really excited about it. Of course, it DOES change some things.

Now, before anyone starts concluding things that are entirely untrue, I will confirm some things:• This is unplanned but NOT unwanted• We were engaged before this happened and have had every intention to marry first and we actually have been abstaining for the past three months• Our families and church are incredibly supportive AND excited about this development• We are almost 29 (me) and 31 (him) and we are financially, emotionally, and physically capable and ready of taking care of this baby

I am approximately three months pregnant and possibly a tad further along than that. We are finally going to who will be our OBGYN today to get an assessment to better confirm my gestation time and due date. I'll (OF COURSE!) let you know about how it goes.

As things stand, we are still planning wedding celebrations but with a slightly different (but wonderful!) twist that of which I will post as soon as a few more decisions are made with our families. So, be assured that my postings won't all of a sudden be exclusively about being "with young" and more about my experience of how this latest news affects (if at all) and of the wedding planning.

Right off, I can already tell you that I currently can't fit into my wedding dress *boo* and yesterday I finally had to go and get maternity pants (I wear a 4 though - how flattering is that???). I AM still planning to wear it though and I will explain how that will work in coming posts.

So that's it! Hope everyone is well. I'll certainly let you know how it goes with the doctor's since we are finding out if it's a boy or girl and the baby will definitely be a part of any wedding plans we made from here on out. :)

That's all for now!

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