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Introducing Max - the Parrot

By popbytes

good morning everyone! it's friday - and tonight i'm going to see jennifer lopez & marc anthony which i'm actually super excited for - i know it's going to be the ultimate guilty pleasure concert-going experience! anyways last night i mentioned that i had one pet still to post about here on popbytes - so i thought why not toss him up this morning? meet max - my new parrot - he's a yellow naped amazon - who is less than a year old (their lifespan can be up to eighty years!) and oh my gosh - i never thought i could take to a bird the way i've taken to mr. max - he's insanely adorable - and very talkative! (but can be quite loud sometimes!) some of his favorite phrases include: i love you, whatcha' doin' big guy?, come on max - he's constantly learning new noises and words - it's quite amazing how smart & complex these animals are! although i never saw myself owning a parrot - now that i have him - he's just the best thing ever! (besides my three dogs who are semi-curious about max but that's about as far as their friendship goes!) i'll have to take some video of him hamming it up - it's hilarious! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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