My Kind of "glass Slipper" - Part One


My Kind of "glass Slipper" - Part One
My Kind of "glass Slipper" - Part One

I am not a shoe kind of gal. I'm much more a purse gal. But every time someone finds out that I'm getting married the third question that they usually ask me after what the date is and if I've found my dress is what shoes I'm gonna wear. Call me crazy but this isn't what I think about when someone tells me they are going to get married.

Anyway, I'm wearing sneakers. Yeah - you read that right! But actually, I'm not wearing just any sneakers. I'm wearing Converse. As it so happens, my brothers and I have grown up with a real "thing" for Converse. When they were still in their junior high and high school years they had a crazy wardrobe of any kind of Converse that were sold. And I, being the classic little sister, HAD TO HAVE Converse like them. Unfortunately, they only ever sold them in my size in the neutral/white color. But I wore them proudly just the same.

Over the years as my feet finally grew, I built my own lovely wardrobe of Converse stylings. My best/favorite pair so far is actually a pair that is made of bright red corduroy. *swoon* They are just about on their last legs but I still wear them and WILL. NOT. Pitch them!

So, naturally, on my wedding day... I'm wearing Converse! And my ring bearers (my brother's sons) will also be wearing Converse. :)

For myself, I have a few options (all are in the neighborhood of $45 from Zappos) :

There's also the possibility of getting some custom-made direct from Converse. They would be about $70 and I've already played around with the shoe designer online and come up with something that is a blue/green/yellow colorblock-type design. Could be cool but there's still a few more designs that I'm very seriously considering more than any of these.

Stay tuned...

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