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Wireless GSM Doorbell for the Truly Lazy

By Kate

Let it be known that I am lazy. When I lived in a second floor flat with no buzzer that overlooked the street, I used to keep a doorkey on a string that was tied next to the window. Doorbell rang, I looked out the window. If I recognized them, the key was chucked down so they could let themselves in, and then I pulled it back up again, all from the comfort of my seat. If only they'd had the Waleli GSM Doorbell back then.

Basically, it works like a normal buzz-in style doorbell, except you don't need a buzzer installed. As a bonus, you can even use it to let (trusted) people in when you're not home, so there's no need to give endless keys to housesitters/dog-walkers/whomever. You could probably even let yourself in if you forgot your key...

How does it work, you ask? Doorbell gets pushed. Doorbell calls your phone. You can then either talk to the person on the other end using the integrated intercom, or you can link the doorbell to a code-activated electronic door release, allowing you to open the door by pressing a secret number into your mobile phone. Nifty or what?

It's not available in the UK yet, but the rollout is beginning with northern Europe, so theoretically we shouldn't have too long to wait...

Product page [Via GeekSugar]

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