Why Your House Can Smell Funny and How to Deal with It ...


Why Your House Can Smell Funny and How to Deal with It ...
Why Your House Can Smell Funny and How to Deal with It ...

No one likes to have their house look and smell bad. However, there are times that animals, food, and body odor can linger to the room for so long. To make everything worse, many household owners fight this smell by buying expensive oils, essentials, and other expensive cleaning agents not knowing
that they only mask odors, and do nothing to get rid of the smell.

Dealing with this issue can be stressful. However, with the right products and proper cleaning, you can eradicate these smells forever. Here are the things you can do to deal with this problem:

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Trash Bin

Most people immediately identify trash as the source of the bad smell that's polluting their house.

Despite its natural image, it's not always trash that gives of that bad smell, it's the trash can. Spills and raw crumbs can build over time. When ignored, it can form a nasty odor inside your bin that stays even when you throw the trash bag. To avoid this from happening, sanitize it by pouring baking soda or any deodorizing powder under the lid. Use a disinfecting spray to kill germs and other bacteria present in the can. You may also wash it with warm water and white vinegar.



Having a pet inside your house is a bundle of joy and laughter. Despite its cuteness, we cannot deny that these pets emit an odor that can be tough to eliminate. Common indoor pets like dogs and cats produce an odor that lingers and becomes embedded in carpets and fibers. To get rid of the smell from the carpet and other fabrics your pet likes to stay in, spread some deodorizing powder on the affected area, and vacuum to remove dust particles. Pet deodorizing powder helps eliminates bad odors by absorbing the odor. However, if the smell occurs from a dead animal, the best solution is to pour some distilled white vinegar into a plastic container that has holes and close it tightly. It will absorb the odor, and the smell will start to vanish.



We often use our refrigerator to store food. However, there are times when we have leftovers, and we mixed it in with freshly cooked meals. To avoid this from happening, store your food in a tightly sealed container and wrap food with a pungent smell. You can also put an open box of baking soda to absorb odors. Do not forget to clean the shelves, drawers, and the inside of your refrigerator. Do it by scrubbing all parts of the machine with a mixture of lukewarm water and baking soda.



Your dishwasher can be home to many bacteria and viruses that causing too much smell in your house. According to health professionals, a dishwasher is prone to mold and smells as it has a warm and cold environment that easily attracts mold spores. According to an excerpt from Home Reference, when a heating and cooling process happened, it produces an unpleasant dank, musty smell, like the one from a dirty sock. To avoid this from happening, run warm water to clean the filter. To get rid of the smell, take out all food particles left from the machine, and wash the filter. The most effective way to do it is by pouring two cups of distilled vinegar to your dishwasher and run warm water to the machine. Mixing them all up breaks the remaining residue in the system that causes bad smell.

Dealing with bad odor can be frustrating and downright unsanitary, but this can be avoided by cleaning your house regularly. Always remember that a clean and happy home represents the owner and the people inside the house.

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