6 Excellent Reasons to Join a Wine Club ...


6 Excellent Reasons to Join a Wine Club ...
6 Excellent Reasons to Join a Wine Club ...

We all know that the history of wine-making is fascinating. The first evidence of wine production dates back to ancient Georgia in 6000 BC, and we can find consequent traces in Iran, Armenia, and Sicily. Similar to wine-making, the background of wine clubs is equally invigorating. In a layperson’s language, a wine club is an aspect of ‘wine culture’ devised to provide people with a select assortment or series of wines monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.

Wine clubs embody a typical subscription plan wherein the subscribers or customers are handed over unique and diverse wine bottles in specific time frames. From whites wine to red wine to other intriguing varieties whose names are as enticing as their tastes, wine clubs are an excellent contemporary concept if you enjoy wine and everything that comes with it. The history of wine clubs can be traced back to 1997 when a monthly wine curation was inaugurated in a small liquor store in Palos Verdes Estates of California.

The concept then gained popularity, and several other similar entities began propping in various estates of the US. We can gauge the popularity of wine clubs from the fact that in 2004, 24 percent of all direct wine sales in the US were made through wine clubs. The specialty of wine clubs is that they deliver unheard-of wines that can pique the inquisitiveness of wine enthusiasts. So, now that we know the fundamentals of a wine club let us analyze why joining a wine club is a phenomenal notion. It is also important to know about famous wine club reviews including Firstleaf review.


If you love wine but despise going to wine shops and waiting in long queues, then joining a wine club might be the right decision for you. Wine clubs are a fantastic choice for novice drinkers as they get the hang of the alcohol and can acquire a taste for different kinds of wine in due course of time. In addition to the monthly, weekly, or quarterly bottles, wine clubs also provide extensive information on various types of wines.

It is an excellent method to get acquainted with this drink. If you are interested in joining a wine club but are unsure whether it is for you or not, then read ahead. We have cataloged a list of points that will convince you of the benefits of joining a wine club.

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Save Money

We all love saving our hard-earned money, and joining wine clubs is a great way to save money, believe it or not. Most wine clubs deliver three bottles of wine every month or after every month, and they offer at least a discount of 20 to 30 percent per bottle. Therefore, rather than opting for the conventional method of going to a liquor shop and purchasing your bottles yourself, wine clubs are an excellent investment if you love wine and also want to save money in the process of indulging in them.


VIP Treatment

The VIP treatment associated with wine clubs is quite the experience. Wine clubs give off an elitist aura that can be mesmerizing to some. Several wineries that offer membership also send regular VIP passes to wine tasting events so that your zeal for this exquisite alcohol remains intact. Furthermore, a wine club membership also provides you with first-class treatment from bartenders in various wine-related events. Hence, you can aptly live your king-size life by joining wine clubs.



Freebies are, undoubtedly, one of the best things in life, and joining wine clubs will offer you one of the best freebies that anyone ever thought of – free wine tasting opportunities. Receiving free wine tastings and even complimentary glasses of wine is one of the best perks of becoming a wine club member. The winery that you are a member of will continue to shower you with surprises and offers. Isn’t that absolutely fine? Furthermore, discounted food items are also a part of several wine club memberships.

Several wineries have eateries attached to them, and you might get a regular 20 to 30 percent off whenever you visit these ancillary restaurants and bistro bars. In case you are looking to join a wine club, First Leaf is an excellent choice. They are the one-stop destination for all wine lovers who are scouring for a place to revel in their wine-indulgent dreams.


Access to Special Reserves

If you are a fan of special reserves, wine club exclusives, estate-grown exquisite and vintage wines, then joining a wine club will serve you right. Wine club members frequently receive luxury passes to taste intricate wine bottles that non-members have no idea about. So, be prepared to be showered with extra-special wine bottles time and again after joining a wine club.


Private Tours and Tasting Unavailable to Public

If you love everything VIP, then joining a wine club should be your priority. Wineries often offer tours of unseen grounds to their members. Therefore, you may receive private and special tours to several parts of the winery that are not usually open for public viewing. Hence, a wine club membership embodies everything luxurious, refined, and extravagant.


Custom Selections to Fit Your Personal Taste

A wine club membership will cater to your particular taste and will surprise you immensely. The diverse range of wine options available with wine club memberships means you can layout your preferences to the winery or state that you want to be surprised. It is a win-win situation in both contexts.

In conclusion, joining a wine club has several tangible benefits that you cannot find anywhere else. If you are an avid wine lover or a wine novice who wants to explore the drink, then a wine club membership is a must for you. But, it is noteworthy to mention that while joining wine clubs be vigilant of their cancellation policies. If you are entering a wine club for the first time, it is advisable to stay away from long-term commitments. Moreover, the club you opt for should have transparent pricing policies, and they should not keep the shipping costs secret. It is imperative to choose a wine club that follows price and budget transparency.

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