Where Have I Been?


Where Have I Been?
Where Have I Been?

So sorry for leaving you in suspense.

I have not been lazy, taking long walks, trying to get lost and watching Turner Classic Movies on the digital cable. Ok, I have, but I also did not have access to my computer all day yesterday--it was locked in Dad and Susan's place. (My own fault--it was mostly due to grumpiness--full story later. And Susan brought her laptop but it's not working so I did say they could use my machine.)

I got it back last night, but it was nearly 1am when we arrived home and I had to go straight to sleep. I woke up around 10am and got ready. At 10:45am Dad asked to borrow the computer to check his email. He was so slow that I decided to go get coffee and post when I got back. I returned at 11:15am and Susan was on the computer. I asked to use it as soon as she was finished. I'd mentioned to Dad before that I needed to use the computer when he was done. But Susan stayed on until right before we had to get in the car to drive to Tel Aviv for lunch with some old friends of theirs. I should have skipped the Tel Aviv trip.

But, really, what part of, "I need to use the computer?" do they not understand? It's not like I carried the damn thing here for my health. I need to write! Don't they understand? Maybe not, since they don't know about the blog. Should I tell them? Sigh.

We just got back from Tel Aviv and I have exactly 35 minutes before we have to leave for the next event. And I'm driving. Hooray.

I'm writing madly while here, but the part two of the wedding story may not make it up today. It's outlined in longhand (I haven't been completely lazy!), but the extra step of typing what I've written (and adding more details) makes things that much slower.

I know you will forgive me, but it's frustrating.

Grateful for: driving (so much more efficient when I do it).
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