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No More Mr Nice Guy

By Marica

The monitor on my computer crapped out on me (that's what I get for not buying all Apple products) so I ordered a new one and had it shipped to work.

Today I'm walking home with the box that has a big photo of the monitor on it. I walk past a bar and I think someone was hitting the beer since noon...a woman and her friends were standing outside the pub smoking and she yelled at me as I walked by them.

Drunken woman- "Hey got a new computer?"
Me- "No just a monitor."
Her-(slurring) "Oh, how much did that cost you?"
Me-(feeling in a Monty Python mood) "I didn't expect a kind of Spanish inquisition!"

Waiting for Michael Palin to storm in screaming "Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition", but It didn't happen.

Her-"C'mon honey just answer my question, how much did you pay for it?"
Me- "I don't even know you"
Her- "Oh it's not like I'm ever going to see you again."
Me- "My fingers are crossed on that one." As I walked away.

Ouch...that was mean. I know she didn't get it she was so drunk but I felt like an ass.

Though, part of me enjoyed it.

Am I turning to the dark side?

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