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Do You Bite Your Nails?

By Marica

Does this sound like you?

Even now, rarely a week goes by without my pinky bandaged. I seem to pick on the pinky the most.

My dad tried to get me to stop by shock therapy. Every time he saw my fingers in my mouth, he’d slap them out. I was shocked all right, but I didn’t stop and developed an eye twitch as well.

I know it’s an ugly habit. I’m always trying to quit.

The morning of my wedding, I got acrylic nails. By the reception, one nail was bitten off; the others didn’t make it through the honeymoon.

Someone told me regular manicures would help, but first my nails would have to grow past the quick. I would try and try, but there’d always be a hangnail, a rough edge or overgrown cuticle. My fingernails and teeth seemed to have a magnetic attraction.

I was 36 when I had my first manicure, and have had very few since then.

Source: Daily Bulletin

I hate to admit this, but I have been a nail biter for my whole life. I obviously have a hand to mouth horrendous habit that finds me biting my nails and cuticles, smoking (which I recently quit) and eating too much.

I have tried products like Orly No Bite, but nothing ever tasted bad enough for long enough. Honestly, regular manicures are the way to go for me, and they might be for you as well. If my nails are kempt, polished and my cuticles are moisturized, I won’t mess with them. As soon as they start going downhill or my cuticles start getting dry, here I come. I don’t care if your nails look as bad as the nails in this photo, get them done, or do them yourself, it will make a world of difference.

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