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What Makes You Buy

By Elke

Okay, so I have a question for you.

"What makes you buy?"

It could be anything really; makeup, fragrance, skin care, hair care, clothes. What makes you go out and actually purchase something with your hard earned money?

Is it the glossy ad in the magazine?
The super chic celebrity in the photo?
Or is it the super model in the ad?
A magazine article raving about a certain product?
A friend or co-worker telling your their experience with a certain something?
A review from a trusted writer or professional?

What is it that actually makes you listen, take notice and truck down to the market, drugstore, department store, and actually get it?

For me, it's a review. And not from a magazine. But from a fellow makeup artist, or an online review from a blog or website from 'real people'. When someone raves about a mascara, or whatever, I'm the first to run out and get it. You would think it would be the beautiful images in an ad that do it for me, considering that's what I do as a makeup artist. Help create beautiful images. But I'd rather hear someone's experience with it first hand. And even though sometimes, my experience may end up being different, it doesn't matter.

So what makes you purchase?
Please add your comments!

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