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Didn't I Just Say I Was Going to Cut Back on Drinking?

By Roxy

It’s a cloudy, clammy day. I wish I were in bed with Red Beard right now. I love the feeling of his skin under my fingers. It’s so smooth and his chest hair is soft. His body fits mine just right. I want to snuggle up to his side with my head on his chest, my arm across his stomach and my leg thrown over his. He got home late from the Redskins game Monday night, so he spooned me while we went to sleep. Tuesday night, which was last night, we did the deed. Since we’re past the point of having sex every single day and we’re on more of an every-other-day schedule, I find myself craving it all the time. I think once our lives settle back into a less zoo-like rhythm, we will return to an everyday sexual agenda.

Thursday night, Piers rolls into town for a weekend wedding. We’re going to meet up so we can have a chat and see what’s new. I’ve always loved talking to Piers, because he’s just so brutally honest about how f*cked up he is. It’s hard to find people who will reveal their weaknesses and then encourage you to analyze them over a shared bottle of wine at an outdoor café. I’ve missed him, actually. I haven’t seen him in almost a year since he moved from New York to England last fall.

For you long-time readers, you may remember Piers as Coldplay’s sidekick. Piers was both a cause of jealousy and enjoyment for me – jealousy when he and Coldplay would have their heads together in a corner – followed by great fun and camaraderie once we realized that regardless of Coldplay’s standing in my life, Piers and I would always have a bond and a friendship.

So it’ll be nice to have a few hours to sit and talk again. Things will be very different now since we’ve both left New York. We’re both in new cities with new jobs. Obviously I have wholeheartedly replaced Coldplay, and I know Piers has had his own relationship ups and downs. I have the feeling it will be quite an amusing evening.

This coming weekend, we start the celebrations for Red Beard’s 30th birthday. The actual day is this coming Monday. Friday night, we’ll have dinner with the couple who is getting married in Mexico next May. I love these two people. I think they are a pair of honest, fun and drunk people.

Then on Saturday, Red Beard and I are joining a small group of friends at a wine festival. Saturday night, we have Red Beard’s main birthday dinner and booze fest. Sunday we have off so that we can dry out and have sex. Then I will take him out for our own private birthday dinner on the actual day, at which time I will present him with his gift. I can’t wait. I hope he loves it.

Then next Wednesday, we head out to the firing range and shoot a bunch of guns. This is going to be the most fun birthday I’ve ever celebrated, and it’s not even mine. Although I must admit, my 30th was the most fun birthday I’ve ever experienced so far. As Paula had emailed me following the event, “That was the best 30th birthday I have ever witnessed! You are the Queen!!!” I have a feeling that Red Beard’s could easily match up to my one-night occasion, but I need to have the full Friday-though-Wednesday experience before I can make that judgment call.

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