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Be Honest do You Love or Hate the LV Miroir

By bglam

I think Paris Hilton and Kim look absolutely ridiculous carrying their huge metallic Louis Vuitton Miroir Keepalls. Not a great match with their beach wear. For details of the Louis Vuitton Miroir Collection click here. Personally, I don't like it. I think the speedy in silver is OK and this is what Lindsay Lohan used to spice up a plain black outfit out in Hollywood last week. If I was a celebrity and was given one of the bags for free then maybe i'd use it, once, but there's no chance i'd spend what the price tag asks for a bag that will be dead and buried before 2007 is over. Surely, this will just be another LV that looks garish and dated in no time at all? I'll stick with the classic monogram LV speedy. And anyhow, if Paris Hilton has it I don't want it.

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