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Are You the King or Queen of First Dates?

By Gayla

There was a time when I felt like I was the Queen of first dates that rarely turned into a second date. It was happening so often that I was beginning to develop a serious complex. Thoughts of what might be wrong with me seemed commonplace and I actually avoided some dates simply because I didn’t want to feel that tinge of rejection I just knew was coming.

Perhaps a little life lesson in How to Get a Second Date would be beneficial to some who might not be able to see what’s happening to cause their lack of returns.

Some key elements I found while doing a search on this very topic are:

• Perhaps you’re going out with the wrong ‘type’ of person
• When conversing, do you ask about them?

• Do you listen or do you carry the entire conversation?

• Are you sending out the wrong or negative signals?

• Are you showing signs of excess emotional baggage in tow?

• Do you talk about ex’s too much?

What are some of the reasons you turn down the offer of a second date?

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