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Am I Crazy

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Last Saturday it was unseasonably, unbelievably, amazingly warm in New York. 70 degrees and sunny? In January? Could it be?

I had just come off a particularly heinous 18-hour Friday workday and decided that some fresh air would do me good, so I set out to take a nice refreshing run along **the Narrows**. It was so warm out that shorts were quite obviously in order; however, I'd been lazy in my self-tanning routine, and the resulting paleness was just unacceptable. Glow in the dark legs in Brooklyn, the land of the perma-fake-bake? I think not.

So instead of (a) just putting on a pair of pants or (b) giving in to the paleness, I dug out my tube of **Smashbox Body Lights Lotion**. Yes, body bronzer. And I slathered it all over my legs and felt pretty good because, hey! This stuff smells amazing! And it makes my calf muscles look all defined!

About 10 minutes into my run, I was still thinking about it, and soon I could barely choke back a maniacal laugh. I WAS WEARING BODY MAKEUP. TO GO RUNNING.

And then I ran into an acquaintance I hadn't seen in at least 5 years, and I was suddenly grateful for my healthy, bronzed legs. Legs that glistened in the sun! And smelled of gardenias!

So what do you think? Vain and crazy? Or just living in an apartment with too many products, hence the temptation to break out the body bronzer in the first place?

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