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Do You Feed Your Dog People Food?

By partysugar

I have the most adorable little cocker spaniel, and even though I love her very much, I will not feed her people food - not even when Lacey rests her little face on my lap during dinner in an attempt to cute me into it. I just don't believe in giving dogs people food in any way shape or form. Be it scraps, leftovers, or old bones, I just don't do it. The first dog I ever loved, Adam, died when I was eight years old due to complications related to the digestion of people food. His stomach could not handle it and we had to put him to sleep. Everyone has a personal opinion on what their dog can and cannot digest correctly. I know a girl who gives her dog, Darko, a doggie biscuit covered in whipped cream as a daily treat. Rachael Ray, a known dog lover, features a canine/people friendly meal each month in her magazine, Everyday With Rachael Ray. My aunt gives her dog, Mocha, tiny pieces of leftover meat about once a week for an extra source of protein. A friend's boyfriend liberally feeds his dog, Simba, people food but regularly brushes Simba's teeth. What about you reader? Do you share human food with man's best friend? Do you feed your dog people food?

Do You Feed Your Dog People Food?:

No, I never feed my dog people food.

Sometimes I feed my dog a few scraps.

I give my dog leftover bones to chew on.

I always feed my dog whatever I'm eating.

I do not have a dog.

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