Is HampM Losing Its Cool or Am I?


Is HampM Losing Its Cool or Am I?
Is HampM Losing Its Cool or Am I?

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A few days ago I mentioned the Businessweek article that pondered the popularity of Coachand wondered if Coach was going down the same road as Gap, which has had plummeting profits of late. Yesterday I was in San Francisco and decided to pop into the Union Square H&M. For the first time I didn't load up on purchases. I've been a devoted fan of H&M since it first came to Boston back in 2001. I happily spent many a lunch hour waiting in line for the chance just to try on one thing. Since I moved to Los Angeles, I visited the H&M stores in New York and San Francisco to get my fix until H&M recently colonized Los Angeles. However something seems to have changed. The clothing seems less sturdy, the styles more outlandish and the overall feel of the store is more Americanized. Don't get me wrong, there are still a few great finds, it just doesn't seem as amazing as it used to. Is this me getting older or has anyone else noticed that H&M is losing its shine? If the store has jumped the shark then I believe it happened when Madonna started working with them. Wasn't she the kiss of death for Gap too?
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