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Did LA Miss Me

By Elke

Well, I got into beautiful, sunny Los Angeles a few days later than I thought. Trip down south to see mom & dad, and celebrate birthday and stuff turned into me taking care of dad's computer problems, sister's moving problems, and my meetings with the bank and lawyers. (Don't worry, no problems...)

And I still managed to sneak in a little birthday celebration.

Cool stuff I got?
The new Treo700p. (I'm in LOVE.. what an amazing phone..)
A Sephora Gift card {thank you Jennifer!)
Lancome's Fatale Mascara (1 review coming up!)
A beautiful black faux fur oversized purse. (thanks mom!)
A beautiful sterling silver clock for my desk. (thanks dad!)
A new silver exercise ball.

and other cool, fun stuff. I still couldn't believe that I'd been in California for almost a week and STILL haven't seen my home. Kinda left me a little uneasy... what is it about the needed security of your place to make you feel all safe and sound?

Last night I finally got into my overly hot (windows were closed) stuffy, dusty apartment. Sigh. Home. I'm sitting here completely overwhelmed. Why? I have a mountain of mail, paperwork and boxes and boxes of stuff to go through. Over 300 emails to answer and about 55 pages of Newsgator webpages of blogs to catch up and read. No sleep last night and a migraine to get rid of. I'm feeling completely stressed.

So as I go off to catch up, and catch my breath, hopefully tomorrow I'll be up to speed.

till then....

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