What Perfumes Would Be Really Good to Give It to a Hot Girl?


I've got an email from one of my close friends couple days ago asking me: what perfumes would be really good to give it to a hot girl? I congrats to him at once and made him a list later he said worked out great for him. I though it's something worth to share with everyone so here we go:

Below is a list of what men buy for their women on a recent Elle's poll... it might be able to inspire you.

Many consider Patchouli by Jalaine the ultimate version of that earthy scent.

Picked by guys from Las Angeles

Created in 1929, Jean Patou's rose-and-jasmine-heavy Joy remains a perennial male favorite.

Voted by guys from New York City

Below is top 3 most wanted perfume according to the biggest search engine.

1. Angel perfume

Paris Hilton perfume
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