Dare to Be Fresh ...


Dare to Be Fresh ...
Dare to Be Fresh ...

fresh adj. 1 new, not stale or faded. 2 novel, original. 3 further, additional: fresh supplies. 4 refreshing, invigorating. 5 pure. 6 not canned, frozen or otherwise preserved 7 newly or just arrived. freshly adv., freshness n.

Mask of Magnaminty Skin Cleanser - A minty mask for stimulating the face, body and mind. Mask of Magnaminty is a deep, deep cleansing and exfoliating mask which extracts toxins, softens and calms the skin. Breathe in the fresh, mega-minty aroma to wake-up your brain cells then spread on a thick, green mask to do the same for your skin cells. PLEASE NOTE DUE TO THE FRESHNESS OF THIS PRODUCT IT HAS A SHELF LIFE OF 4 MONTHS 4.4 oz $10.45 / 11.1 oz $18.95

Ocean Salt Skin Cleanser - Use Ocean Salt Facial Scrub every day If you have oily skin; if you have dry skin then once a week should be enough. When we make facial scrubs we like to use granules which have properties in themselves and are biodegradable. We use ocean salt granules in this one which scrub away dead skin cells then dissolve to rehydrate and soothe the skin. The grapefruit and limes in Ocean salt tone and refresh your skin; organic coconut and avocado butters polish and soften it. As one of our Lush staff mentioned at our skincare briefing day, 'It tastes nice too,' and although we don't recommend that you swallow it, she's quite right. (*If you have very sensitive skin then the lime might be a bit too much for you so you stick to Fresh Farmacy.) 4.2 oz $16.95 / 8.8 oz $29.95

Herbalism Vegan Skin Cleanser - When you see this you may question our claim that our new skincare products are the most beautiful we have ever made, but once you use it you will understand. Herbalism is named after the powdered herbs which give it a dark green colour and which also give it the power to keep your skin calm and free of irritation. We use cleansing nettle, which is full of vitamins, marigold for its soothing properties, chamomile to calm your skin and astringent rosemary to tone the skin. China clay gently cleanses away excess oil and a gentle exfoliating mix of ground almonds and rice bran keeps your skin fresh. We make this wash for more oily skin which is difficult to keep clear; use it and you'll find that it makes a big difference. (100g lasts for ages as you only need a fingertip-full each time you wash with it.) 3.5 oz $10.45

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