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By Ellen

Scent Design is the first fully functional online custom fragrance blending store that provides the customer with the unique experience of creating their own personal fragrance oil.

Scent Design works on the premise that people want to express their individuality. Designing a one-of-a-kind fragrance to wear instead of buying a mass produced perfume product is a powerful statement of originality.

It’s pretty easy - pick whether you’d like a 1 oz fragrance oil – includes up to a 5 oil blend ($20.00 USD) or a 1/3 oz fragrance oil with roller ball – includes up to a 3 oil blend ($10.00 USD). Scent Design then suggest that you first take some time to read through their fragrance list and then recipes and blends. The fragrance list contains descriptions of each scent, as well and the recipes and blends pages contain a great cross section of customer's creations.

With over 40 base fragrances available to use, it is possible to create close to 10 million options!

If you are not completely satisfied with your order, Scent Design will ask you send your order back and will let you have another try at no charge – that’s a great guarantee.

For more information or to make your own fragrance go to

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