What Did I do?


I didn't pack last night. I packed this morning. Yes, I am that crazy. After dropping Tabitha off with all of her stuff (bed, blankie, food, scratching post, toys, brushes—anyone notice what is missing?) and hanging out for a while, I was completely exhausted. I got home and I just could not pack. I knew I'd wake up around 6am (I always wake then, I just don't get out of bed) and I figured I'd have a few hours to pack in the morning.

And that is what I did. I even made it to the office before 10am. Extraordinary.

Amusing pre-trip exchange #1 with Spesh (my friend who lives in Israel):

Spesh: The night you arrive is the Purim party at the kibbutz. Sleep on the plane and wear a costume.

Jamy: Is it ok if I come as a sleepy American?

Amusing pre-trip exchange #2:

Jamy: I should probably bring you something—what do you want?

Spesh: I want you to bring me cash. I hate that I have to pay a fee to have it transferred. Can you bring a couple of thousand dollars?

Jamy: Are you crazy? That's not a good idea. You want me to carry thousands of dollars of cash? Spesh: You're right. I don't want you to do that. You'd probably spend it.

What did I pack?

In the small rolling bag:

Sleeveless black linen dress with white embroidery (for wedding)

White cotton light-weight cardigan sweater (to wear with dress to make it "decent")

Black skirt

Black pants

Three short sleeve shirts (1 white, 2 black)

Long sleeve black cotton cardigan

Two light weight long sleeve shirts for layering (pink and green)

Three-quarter length sleeve black & white stripped shirt (had to bring something with stripes!)

Short black silk scarf (to wear with dress)

Large black & beige patterned silk scarf (to dress things up)

Swim suit

Small ultra absorbant towel

Loads of socks

Loads of underwear

Three pairs of tights (2 black, 1 grey)

Three bras


One pair black shoes (mary janes with small heel, to wear with dress, skirt or pants)

Make-up (a tiny bit, just in case)

A virtual drug store: , Benedryl, Imodium, Tylenol, Aspirin, Ibuprofin, anti-biotic ointment, band-aids, hand sanitizer, elastic laundry line, gauze, ziplock bags, tissues


Variety of cords and chargers

In the backpack:

Toiletry kit (everything is travel-sized; I decant): shampoo, soap, lotions, potions, etc.

Waterproof anorak, stuffed into its own pouch

Black capri-length pants


Eyeglass case



One book

Four New Yorkers

Two notepads

The everyday kit: gum, tissues, folding brush, pen, lip balm, large hair clip, rubber band (no pull kind), lip gloss, toothpick, hand lotion, eyeglass cleaning cloth

In a small bag that fits into the backpack:


Two sets of earphones



Plane ticket (an actual paper ticket)


The airsickness kit: Dramamine, Valerian, Gum, Earplugs, Saltines


Black pants

Long sleeve cotton shirt (blue) over short sleeve cotton shirt (red)

Light fleece jacket

Ugly red shoes (so incredibly comfortable)

Grateful for: packing light (sort of).

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