Weekend Blog Roundup

Hi there, I am writing this as I pack for a business trip. I have to leave really early in the morning and am not looking forward to getting up!

If you can, take advantage of your Sunday and put your feet up and check out these great articles. You won't be sorry!

The Organic Beauty Expert gives her honest review of In The Raw's Coco-Mango Cane Sugar Scrub

If you like Carol's Daughter products check out Bon Bons in the Bath's article on Lemon Ginger Mint Manicure in a Jar.

Leanne at the Makeup Girl tells us about the new Stila Plumping Lip Glaze.

I am a huge Lipgloss fan as you may know. I am also a Tarte fan. I was excited to see Carla at Product Girl shares with us what Tarte is bringing out this month in the way of a cool lipgloss.

What is Hamadi? I've never heard of it. If you are curious, check out Hello Dollface to find out what it is.

Is it possible to have poreless skin? Find out at Canadian Beauty!

The Scented Salamanderinforms us of Tom Ford's new fragrance collection.

I will be posting this week but unfortunately not every day due to a busy schedule. I will be back in action fully on Feb 13th.

Have a great week!

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