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Dating Dames and Blog Tipping ...

By Gayla

In the spirit of carrying on a fun blog trend that I was introduced to a few months ago, I thought February would be a perfect time to introduce Dating Dames and Blog Tipping. After all, February is the month of romance, love and heartbreak.

The focus of my Blog Tipping today will be blogs that are on topics that compliment our Dating Dames blog.

First up -

Sometimes in my Head - J’s girlfriend shares firsthand, what it’s like to play Florence Nightingale to the broken spirits or emotions of men. She spends her time journaling the lives of she and her live-in boyfriend. While reading through what portions of her blog I did, J’s girlfriend revealed so much about herself that I found myself actually feeling her pain. This is truly a blog that many women who spend their nights laying next to a man they hope will one day love them - can relate to.

Dating with Children - with divorce being on the rise and as a former single mother of two, I can related to the ramblings and reflections of Jill. This poor woman has four kids. How she manages to have a social life is beyond me, but she provides a great source of reading entertainment that any single mother can relate to.

Equal opportunity tipping -

Single Christian Dad reads as a form of therapy and soul searching for Steve who asks “How do you share the one thing you cherish most with the one person you care for the least?” Since it’s most common for women to express their emotions through writing and reaching out for support, this is a rare opportunity to get a glimpse inside the mind and heart of a single father.

I’d love to hear what you think about the whole blog tipping idea here on Dating Dames. I thought it might be a fun way to shine a little light on some of our single blogging friends from time-to-time.


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