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eBelle5 the bag blog Date Added: February 16, 2007 Re-appearance: Mr. Kitters aka Dusck aka El Presidente of eBelle5 modeling her designer sombrero Happy Friday! Here is your weekly dose of fashion news heard around the blogosphere. . . * Aesthetics + Economics: Pout-a-Porter: Sheer Marketing Genius * Bag Snob protests the rocketing prices of luxury bags! * Blogdorf Goodman: Pretty in Proenza Pink * Coquette says jump into cute jumpers at Fred Flare. * Fashiontribes finds the Top 10 most interesting trends to come out of New York Fashion week for Fall 2007. * Girlawhirl checks out some pretty lingerie for Valentine's Day * LA Story: Armani Beauty's Tim Quinn Talks About Spring Color and lots more * Second City Style's Top 10 Trends (You'll Be Wearing) From Fall Fashion Week 07. * Grooming rituals can provide relaxation on occasion, for our day to day living we just want to get it done and get going. We have found some great products to help shorten your routines. * kristopherdukes: It's been a few Manhattan minutes since something made your K go, "Ooh. La. Love." * Shop Spring's top 10 trends in's ultimate guide to the season filled with over 200 perfect pieces to add to your wardrobe * stylehive: The Honeydew Signature collection - inspired by the 1920's, modern meets vintage with glossy stretch satin silk mixed with intricate lace detailing, and sumptuous glossy stretch satin silk. * Fairy stories and rose gold are two important elements in the mythical, magical jewelry of Victoria Buckley. The Jewelry Weblog crosses her fingers that we'll see the talented artist's work here in the States soon. * eBeautyDaily is loving Dove and their new contest and moisturizing self tanners.

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