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Was Anna Nicole Murdered?

By Wendy

The prime suspect would be that guy, Howard Stern:

Sure, she was on diet pills and who knows what else, but Smith also had a brand new husband partner, her lawyer Howard K. Stern. Seems a bit odd that her and her son would both die within months of each other, and you know, there’s a lot of money at stake. The early guesses are saying it was likely a heart problem.

In addition, seemed like her mom realized that Howard might’ve been trying to make a power play:

In October 2006, Anna Nicole Smith’s mom, Virgie Arthur, told Nancy Grace on CNN Headline News that after the death of Anna’s son, Daniel, she was concerned that Howard K. Stern was the one in line to inherit Anna’s millions.

"If Howard Stern marries her and she ends up dead, then who does the money go [to]? Danny’s not there," Arthur said.

In addition, reports are surfacing that Howard Stern was being seriously considered in the investigation of Daniel Smith (Anna Nicole Smith’s son) untimely passing:

Anna Nicole Smith’s longtime attorney and partner Howard K Stern is fighting tabloid reports he was responsible for the death of the actress/model’s son Daniel last September (06).

The lawyer admits he was stunned by claims he was seen flushing Methadone down the toilet at the home he shared with Smith in The Bahamas shortly after his partner’s son was found dead in the hospital room where she delivered her baby daughter.

Daniel died of a lethal drug overdose.

Stern insists there are people who are out to set him up for murder, and he’s appalled by their "despicable" behaviour.

Did he do it? Did Anna know?

Oh, and then there’s all that money:

Smith’s daughter, now possibly in line for a massive inheritance, is being claimed by two fathers, attorney Howard K. Stern and entertainment writer Larry Birkhead.

Lastly (for now), there also this little tidbit:

Smith’s lawyer Howard K. Stern insists that before Birkhead started working for the model-actress, he had signed a confidentiality agreement with her that he would not talk to the media on the matter.

Birkhead, however, claims ignorance about signing any such agreement, though he contends that the potential financial penalty of appearing on TV news shows will be worth it if he wins the paternity battle.

"This is my child; it doesn’t matter what the penalty is… I’m just defending myself," Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

The "Agreement Not To Communicate With The Media" consent form was obtained by news show ‘Entertainment Tonight’ prior to Birkhead’s latest interview, telecast on Tuesday night.

It features Birkhead’s signature and initials and a handwritten addendum that states, "If I breach this agreement then I will pay a liquidated damages sum of ten million dollars, and any money received would revert back to Anna Nicole Smith as damages from any breach."

If Anna’s money all goes to Howard in the event of her death, then he gets an extra $10 million from his main rival for her money affections. Pretty Machiavellian, I must say, but I guess we’ll see as time goes by.

UPDATED: What are the legal ramifications of Anna Nicole’s death? Here’s one lawyer’s opinion:

This is assuming CA law controls which is really uncertain right now.

1 If Anna Died without a Will, then Everything Would Go to Her Daughter, UNLESS She and Howard K Stern Were Legally Married

2 If She and Howard K Stern Were Married, and There Was Not a Will, then One Half of the Estate Would Go to Howard and the Other Half to Her Daughter

Here are some possible issues-

1 If Howard Believed He Married Anna Nicole Smith, but in Actuality Did Not, He Could Still Be Afforded the Rights of What is Known as a Putative Spouse

2 Inherited Property is Separate Property Which Means That Even if She Was Legally Married, the Money Anna Was Receiving from Her Deceased Husband Can All Be Left to Her Daughter if She Provided for Her Daughter in the Will

3 Mr. Birkhead is NOT Entitled to Any Money Even if He is the Father, and Would Probably Not Be Able to Touch Any of His Daughter’s Money except for Health, Education and Welfare. HEW Would Be Her Necessary Expenses. in This Kind of Situation, That Money Will Be Tremendous and Mr. Birkhead Will No Doubt Live Large, but HE Will Not Actually Own Anything

4 Even if Mr. Birkhead is Judged to Be the Father, He Would Not Automatically Gain Custody of His Daughter. the Court Would Decide Who Would Be the Best Parent of Those Who Petition the Court

5 Her Son’s Death Should Not Have Any Effect on This Proceeding

6 The Money She is Going to Get from Her Deceased Husband is Still in Litigation. the Fact That Her Adversary in That Proceeding is Also Dead Will Mean That It Will Be an Estate Vs Estate Battle

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