Vote with Your Feet at the Scottish Parliamentary Election

On 3rd May us Scots get the chance to make some much needed changes in the Scottish Parliamentary and local council elections.

To coincide with this an environmental question time has been set up by 'the everyone campaign', a large and impressive group of Scottish environmental charities whose aim is to bring environmental issues to the forefront of Scottish politics.

It will be attended by many of our top politicians, and will be held in the impressive 'Hub', at the foot of Edinburgh Castle on 17th April at 7.30pm. The main topics up for discussion will include climate change, loss of wildlife habitats and pollution of our seas.

Entry is free and there are no tickets, so arrive early to secure a place. There will be entertainment (in addition to the MSPs) in the form of Scots folk band Capercaillie and to make the whole experience even more interactive there will be audience voting buttons. You can post your question for the evening in advance at

You can also help the campaign by downloading (on recycled paper) one of their big footprints, colouring it green, signing it, and sending it back to campaign HQ. All the feet will be gathered together for a huge exhibition highlighting the environmental cause.

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