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Welcome to Birthday in a Box! Choose from more than 85 party themes, or shop for individual party items like decorations and favors. You can also personalize your party with printed invitations, banners and more. Planning your perfect party is just a few clicks away!

Pile on the fun with our Pizza Party! Whether you buy dough from a local pizzeria or make your own, children will love making their own pizzas. For a craft, decorate our chef aprons and hats with your own fabric markers. You can also entertain your guests with our sticker activity placemats, which make a great take-home keepsake. Pizza Party Box $25.99

Let your little penguin chicks dance up a storm with Mumble, Gloria, the Amigos, and our Happy Feet partyware! Play music from the soundtrack, serve Tuxedo cookies and snow cones, and have a dance-a-thon. Your partygoers are sure to have a brrrrreathtakingly good time! Happy Fee Party Box $21.99

Pamper your guests with our Spa Party supplies! Add to the fun by setting up spa stations where your guests can give each other manicures and pedicures, facials, makeovers, and deep-conditioning hair treatments. Then, indulge them with tea cookies, little sandwich triangles, and refreshing, citrus drinks served on our adorable Spa Party partyware! Spa Party Box $24.99

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