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Visual Onomatopoeia ...

By Bag

Onomatopoeia..."the use of words whose sound suggests the sense". That is exactly what I thought when I saw the Miss Marc tote last year, but in the language of handbags. More accurately, I thought, "wow, that looks exactly how I feel sometimes...especially before 10 AM and a few cups of coffee".

However, I don't really like to wear my emotional state on my sleeve, or tote, so I chuckled and walked on.

What does Miss Marc say to you?

It seems I wasn't the only one who felt Miss Marc had a special message just for me, though, because the tote is again part of the Marc line, but now there is a new addition for those of us who like to keep our scowl of silence and frustration (you may interpret her as you wish) for ourselves.
A smaller little Miss Marc zip pouch to stick inside your handbag.
It is the perfect size for quick access to makeup, a cell phone, or i-Pod...even just to stash some credit cards, or cash for a quick run to the store. You could even add a ring to the zipper pull for your keys to avoid bulking it up (it is extremely narrow).

There is a striped lining which mirrors her tee shirt, and a coordinating leather piping and pull.

It's $58 and available from Zappo's in 2 colors. (they also have the tote for $268).

I can't wait to get one. I think it will come in handy next time I have to deal with the inept cashiers at my local pharmacy, or bank teller who insists I don't have an account at their bank...rather than scream inside, I'll just hold aloft little Miss Marc!

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