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Valentine 's Day is Here Celebrate with 8 Sweet and Sexy Jeans ...

By Lori

Valentine ’s Day is a day of romance, passion, and love. What could be better than roses, chocolates and romance? How about being sweet to yourself this Valentine ’s Day with a new pair of sweet and sexy jeans?

Whether you want to dress up for that special valentine’s day date, or just wear your heart on your… well not your sleeve exactly, we’ve got some great picks for the perfect valentine’s day jeans. Sweetheart styling, passionate names, and cheeky heart details all make for jeans that will take your valentine’s day to a whole new level.

Let’s start with a real sweetheart; the Sweetheart Flare Jean from GUESS. This is a jean that will really bring out your feminine side. It is low and slim with a fit that hints at more than it shows. Different from most jeans, the sweetheart has darting at the back instead of a back yoke. This is a sweet detail that gives these jeans a flirty look that really plays up your rear view.

Following on the theme of Valentine ’s Day names, Gold sign has a whole line of jeans that speak of love at every stage. You’ll fall in love with Desire. The luxuriously soft denim will caress and mold to your curves like no boyfriend ever has. (This is why many women would give up sex for a great wardrobe)

Goldsign follows up Desire with Passion (just as it should be, don’t you think?). The **Passion Bootcut Jean **is sleek and sexy without being skin tight. You’ll love the way this jean skims your every curve and gives you a lean, long look. Romantic details like the subtle yet fanciful back pocket detailing will pair perfectly with your sweetest girly tops.

Need more from your jeans? How about The Kiss from AG jeans? Soft denim and a close fit will make you want to experience this kiss again and again. The fit is sublime and the detailing is flawless. Even if your valentine’s day is filled with kisses, this is a great kiss to start with!

Enough of the saccharine names, let’s move on to some sweet details that will be a treat for your body (and even better for you than chocolate).

Again from AG, this time we have The Legend. Yes, it could be what you call your “first love” (especially if your current boyfriend is within earshot), but in this case it’s a great fitting jean. What’s so sweet about this one? A heart shaped back yoke that has extra curve to make your butt look rounder and fuller.

Love the sweetheart yoke but craving an updated style? Go for the Siwy Michele Jeans.The delicious curves of this back yoke are mirrored by the rounded back pocket and stylized heart-like stitching. Designed to make you look good from every angle, the slim skinny fit will give you a long and slender look, while all those curves in the back will highlight a voluptuous butt.

Shaped back yokes not sweet enough for your Valentine ’s Day? Bring on the hearts! Juicy Couture brings you two of them on their Fluffy Flare Stretch Jeans. Heart shaped back pockets let everyone know that you’re in the mood for love! These jeans have a tight and sexy fit that will make you feel like flirting the night away.

The perfect jeans for your special Valentine ’s Day, the **Cali Bootcut **has a perfectly placed rhinestone heart on the back pocket. It is just the touch of feminine whimsy that we’ve come to expect from Juicy Couture. Why settle for the ordinary when you can celebrate your Valentine ’s Day in this sweet and sexy jean.

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