Tune-in Bed for Pre-sleep Music


Tune-in Bed for Pre-sleep Music
Tune-in Bed for Pre-sleep Music

While some of us are able lucky enough to nod off at the drop of a hat, the general population find it much harder to do so. In fact, certain people take a paradoxical approach when it comes to sleeping, requiring music of some kind before they can actually book their ticket to dreamland. If you fall into that category, the Tune-In Bed is definitely your kind of bed as it comes with a couple of 4" stereo speakers, complete with a full control panel, and audio input that enables you to hook up various musical devices such as an iPod, the Clix, and other compatible MP3 players.

The Tune-In Bed features a headboard made from 100% cotton twill, while the bed frame is crafted out of rubberwood. Depending on whether you want to share this experience with someone else, the Tune-In Bed comes in twin, full, or queen sizes with a choice between white or honey frames. The Tune-In Bed retails between $699 to a whopping $999, depending on your choice.

Source: Gearlog

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