7 Tips on Wearing Bright Colors ...


Wearing bright colors and patterns is always a challenge. They suggest youth, energy and vibrant living, but if they are not styled and matched properly, they can easily make you look garish, over-the-top and attention seeking. However, there is no need to fear bright colors. Gather the right knowledge, put in a little bit of thought, and you can have a lot of fun with color. Here is a good starting point: some useful tips on wearing bright colors.

1. Match the Brights with Neutrals

One great way to show off a bold choice in color is to pair it with neutrals, such as shades of brown, tan, ivory, white or gray. So, if you have decided to carry a bright purse to a day time occasion, pair it with a breezy light-colored dress and matching sandals.

Pair Brights with Dark Shades
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