The Morning after ...

And these still miss the mark for me...

Kirsten Dunst in a Chanel dress that could have been nice if it didn't look like a mash-up of 3 different dresses. I also didn't like her hair, or her makeup for the dress.

Cameron Diaz wore another dress with too much happening, this time from Valentino. It looks like an 80's wedding dress, right down to the shoes, and she also missed on the hair. It was also ill fitting.

Gwyneth's Zac Posen will probably be the "love it or hate it" dress. I fall into the latter category. While architecturally amazing, I hated the way the top fit across the shoulders, and the color, while refered to as pink looked like mud to me. The skirt half of the dress was OK, though, and it did fit with her too long mermaid extensions. She did come closest to pulling off a risky dress, so maybe it's the best of the worst.

Lastly, we have poor Anne Hathaway. She should have gone for Prada, because this Valentino was old looking, and an terrible shade of white for her skin tone. The big bow on the bust was too gimmicky and twee. It looked like a dress for a Barbie doll.

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