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Miroir Miroir on My Arm

By Designer

I waited & waited for the miroir collection LV bags to go online in some form, eLUXURY or just, but the bags are just that limited that they didn’t. Really wanting to feature them at least as history on the blog, I finally turned to Google, and I found photos from Twiggers on the Purse Blog. So thanks.

But no, the Miroir Speedy will not be on my arm. I don’t even particularly want it there. Not the fairest bags of them all, featuring metallic … PVC? It’s not only gaudy, but … cheap? at only $1380 for the Speedy I could easily save and afford (well, by now it’s too late anyway, but perhaps eBay) to buy it, but I’d rather not.

In silver or gold Monogram and offered in the Speedy, Alma GM, Papillon, Keepall and a couple accessories in non-monogram, the Miroir collection is both famous among divas and history for the great fashion house.

But why PVC? Why not metallic monogram patent leather? I’ve been thinking about that lately, and it seems like a rockin’ idea. *Shrug*

Search through eBoutique on eBay for authentic Miroir items.

So where are my beautiful princes of LV bags? Not here, but we’ll see.

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