My Ghost Furniture - a Sneak Peek ...

I am in the middle of styling and photographing Ghost Furniture and Ghost Accessories and I forgot how just how long and arduous a task it is. No it's not all glamour it's hard work.

As a little glimpse into just what it is I am doing I have decided to give you a sneak peek at two pieces of Ghost Furniture and an Ghost Accessory we have photographed.

The furniture shot took an age to set up. It was done in two different rooms as the reflection in the mirror is another place entirely from the one with the spiral staircase. I have just started on the accessories and this bowl of fruit caused me endless problems due to shadows coming from the stair rails. I welcome any constructive comments.

By the way the items you see on the White Tilting Table are all stuck on so when when it tilts they don't fall off and the Black Table has had a piece of lace hand painted onto it.

The Bowl of Fruit is made up of a vintage silver dish and fake fruit that was previously used as props all painted in matt white and stuck together to make this arrangement. It's fun to swing it as all the fruit stays in place.

Every item and trimming used in Ghost Furniture is vintage picked up from Flea Markets and House Clearances or just collected over the years. As we say - Bringing Furniture Back From The Dead and Making It Hauntingly Beautiful. Hope you agree.

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