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The Day after..

By Elke

The Zinc magazine shoot probaby won't be a go. We just didn't have time to finish all the looks planned and to tell you the truth. I'm exhausted. Ten hours later and we only finished 3 looks. How can that be? Even with all the planning and design done before hand, a great model, a great photographer and an even better makeup assistant, avant garde makeup is just that, hard! Oh well, maybe there's a few more images to be added to the portfolio. You never know until you see the final image.

While sleeping in this morning (I can do that, can't I?), I came across some great links to check out:

The internationally renowned Japanese makeup artist Shu Uemura says, "There should be as many colors in makeup as there are women." I agree! Read about his new spring/summer collection!

Shu Umemura's Spring "Sweet Mode" Collection

The "Why Didn't I think of that" Award goes to.....

The coolest idea">">idea for makeup to go idea...Hmm, I think I see a marketing/packaging idea coming on!

The "oh my god, PLEASE don't tell me this is coming back in style."

Before I forget, here's another one...

Here's one makeup trend I won't be doing this fall. Well, maybe for a photo shoot...

And last but not least, when I think I'm just another struggling makeup artist out there, just trying for my big break in the fashion scene, I read this.. and it makes my day.


Have a great day everyone!

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